Man (& Woman) set upon the monumental task of creating the many structures by which they will reside and interact.

It was laborious, time-consuming, repetitive, difficult,

and at times . . . 

“ Just Plain Boring ” work

BUT THEN . . . 

The revolution came upon them. Armed with the "new tools", It will forever change how

Man (and Woman)

will Think, Design, Build and Manufacture.

Advantages of using CAD

Enables you to make quick and accurate drawings
Designs can be easily copied, erased and pasted many times
“Zoom” features similar to a camera, whereby certain parts of drawing are shown in enlarged detailed
Drawings are more consistent and uniformed
Drawings/designs can be transmitted quickly
Stored/catalogue easily
Can be checked for accuracy of measurements
Can easily mass reproduce identical products
among many, many others . . . .

Enabling Productive and Efficient creations in . . . .



Sooo . . .

Sit back, Relax, And

Come Along and Ride

On a  . . .  ! ?

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The Intro: C A D - Computer-Aided Design/Drafting

The Intro: C A D

- Computer-Aided Design/Drafting