Part 13: Uniting the Natives
- Combining Complex Objects


Combining complex objects provide you with a system by which to manage objects in your drawings and include additional information within standard drawing objects. You can combine many objects into a single object and then reuse it, by inserting multiple copies (aka. “blocks/cells/groups/symbols”). Saves time and control the drawing size by inserting references to a set of objects that have been combined to form a block!.

Complex Objects

Complex objects are several objects combined into a single object that you can insert into a drawing and manipulate as a single object.

Complex Object as a Separate Drawing

There are commands within proprietary application programs that can turn an object(s) or portions of a drawing into a new file. One such program is AutoDesk AutoCAD 201x, where you use issue the “wblock” command to “write out” the  object/block into its own separate drawing..

Complex Objects - "Groups"

Groups provide an easy way to combine drawing objects that you need to manipulate as a unit. By default, selecting any member of a group selects all the objects in that group, and you can move, copy, rotate, and modify groups just as you can modify individual objects.

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Part 13: Uniting the Natives - Combining Complex Objects