Part 5Meet the Family 

- Complex 2D Objects

Part 6: Surveying the Land 

- Viewing Your Drawing

Part 7Altering the Natives 

- Editing & Modifying Objects

Part 8Altering

- Changing Properties

Part 9: Surface Conditions

- Fills

Part 10Language Spoken 

- Working with Text

Part 12What We Found, What We Have 

- Obtaining Drawing Information

Part 13Complex Objects

Part 14Lands Collide 

- External References

Part 2Plotting the Course 

Planning & Organizing Drawings

Part 3: The Bearings 

- The Coordinate System

Part 4Meet the Natives 

- Simple 2D Objects

Part 15Sharing Our Discovery

- Setting Up & Printing A Drawing


- Credits

Topics"The Itinerary"

Part 11: Sizing It Up 

- Dimensioning the Drawing

Part 1: Journey on a Voyage to CAD 

- Computer-Aided Design/Drafting

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