Part 8: Altering II- Changing Properties


CAD provides a way to change an objects' properties. Changing an objects' properties is altering the appearance of the object. Some examples of an objects' properties are: objects layer, color, linetype and lineweight and etc.

Object Properties  - Lineweight 

You assign a  lineweight to the objects that will reside on the layer. A lineweight is how wide or thin a line\stroke will appear.

See figure below.

Object Properties

Object properties control the appearance and behavior of objects, and are used to properly organize a drawing. Properties are the objects layer, color, linetype, lineweight, and plot style. Objects have properties that are specific to their type. For example, the special properties of a rectangle include its length, width and in some case its height.

Properties of Layer\Level – Assigning A Color

We can give the layer a color (or color number) to distinguish it more from the other objects in the drawing. See following example. 

Properties of Object – Assigning A Color

We can give the layer a color (or color number) to objects to distinguish it from the other objects in the drawing. See following example. 

Object Properties – Linetype / Stroke

A linetype (or called “Stroke” in some applications) are a repeating pattern of dashes, dots, and blank spaces. You can change the objects’ properties by assigning linetypes either by layer or by specifying the linetype explicitly, independent of the layer. 

For example:

Let's say you want the Exterior walls, Interior walls, Doors and Windows to be represented by a particular linetype/stroke to distinguish it from other objects. See following Figure. 

Matching Object Properties

An additional way to change the properties associated with one or more objects is to match the properties with those of another object in the drawing, See videos or Powerpoint slideshow files within web site.

For more information, along with illustrations/animations/short quiz, please Click Here.

Part 8: Altering II - Changing Properties